Your On-Demand offers you the opportunity to "own" and operate your own local television channel.

Over the years, Your On-Demand has evolved into powerful community communication platform which revolves around local videos, home shopping, TV shows, daily news, religious, government and school programming (including sports, talent shows, etc). Which helps support local schools, churches, newspapers, and businesses. Online television is the next evolution in advertising, in which digital content is wirelessly transmitted across the globe.

Get on the ground floor of the rapidly expanding digital media industry. With Your On-Demand, you'll be offering localized content and affordable media advertising to small businesses on your own local online television channel. We are made up of local people like yourself born with an entrepreneurial spirit and an enthusiasm for their community..

WHY Your On-Demand?

The best part is Your On-Demand makes it easy.

  • Component players
  • All encompassing backend support system
  • All Channels are networked together (You Are Never Alone)
  • XML text editing systems
  • On site, training program (We have a mobile training facility)
  • Sales strategies
  • Start-Up content
  • Easy to use video upload system
  • Automated banner upload systems for your Channel
  • Turn-key Website page for your Channel
  • Access to Movies
  • Access to Games
  • Channel support
  • Flexibility to set your own schedule and run your own business
  • You'll provide local programming and affordable advertising solutions that really work!

  • Investment as low as $3,500 - includes territory rights and all the tools you'll need to get your Channel started.
  • We provide onsite training, as well all the materials and services you'll need to get your Channel off and running. This includes marketing materials, tips on sale strategies, support, ad creation services, network management, website and much more!

    Your On-Demand knows what it takes to build a saleable local broadcasting network. We know the customers, we know the technology and we know how to build the service that will bring the two together.

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